mercredi 11 septembre 2013

abbé Chazal: Mgr Fellay a-t-il rétracté la déclaration doctrinale ?

abbé François Chazal
source: forum Cor Mariae
Si quelqu'un pouvait nous donner la traduction de ce texte, nous lui en serions reconnaissants; merci d'avance.

This is an email received today, 4th September, from Father Chazal requesting it be posted on Cor Mariae. Father Chazal is presently in India.

Dear Father Pfeiffer
Three evidences are available this year to show that Bishop Fellay is not retracting the AFD:
1- the March Cor Unum of 2013
2- the Lille three hour marathon conference on May 07th 2013
3- the evasive replies in Ireland and England, this summer 2013.
English speaking people are not aware of -2, so here it is, yours truly translating:

"I eliminate novelty. That principle being established, after, i can speak of things in the Council that are, let's say, interpretable. Once bad things are eliminated, there are some that can be understood in a catholic manner.

So i explain. This is what the Archbishop said when he said that we accept we accept in the Council what is faithful to Tradition [...] on the contrary when things are confused, doubtful, they must be understood as they have always been understood, and what is opposed, well, we reject it.

This is what the Archbishop said. If you want, i am trying, with a very delicate text, because it is contrary to us, to neutralize it, to purify it, and i try to extricate myself in order to say: "Here is, next to all that we reject, which has been proved by two years of discussions, there are still some things, we recognize a sufficient amount of things that are happening in the Church to say taht we are Catholics, even if if we are opposed to a pile of things."

Obviously, it is extremely delicate, and today people are fancying themselves into putting forward this text, first, outside of all context, outside of all presentation: "Look! He said that, he said that..." Phrases are getting absolutized, which, if there is no context, of course, one can make them say whatever, those phrases.

It is an extremely delicate text, and we can even say that in the Society, it didn't catch unanimity so i said to Rome: "I withdraw it, it serves no purpose; if it is not understood amongst us, errr, because it was too subtle, well, too bad, we withdraw it. And this is what i told Rome, and Mgr di Noia told: "I understand, totally, of course; you must make unity among yourselves."

In this conference His Lordship can be confused in doctrinal matters, that Pope Francis is not that bad, that he has the faith, that the roman authorities can talk by twisting reality. The most worying thing is that many many priests of the society are now talking in the same way.
The superior of india, fr beaublat has published a sermon of pope francis, something that was never done in the past, in the society.his bulletin praised the world youth day activities of the opus dei youth in bombay, the bishop of cochin, and another bishop, on the issue of inculturation, fr beaublat saying that there is a good and a bad inculturation. a hindu doer is pictured in the august issue of the bulletin, etc.
it was easy for me to show the indian faithful that the doctrine is sliding, using pieces of evidence from india itslelf, not just from the higher ups of the society.

I think the same can be done at your level in australia, then posted.
meanwhile, priests continue to join, it is a little trickling, but it is there. there are four priests now in \germany (frs sauer, zaby, riedl and trauner), and for austrasia it is myself, frs valan, pancras, elijah, suelo and hartley. my hope is that these groups coalesce into local entities and ensure regularity of sacraments and all other things we can provide.

Some other passages of the conference are of the same vein, contextualized mush.
Most uncontextualizedly yours,

in Iesu et Maria